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Zhuzhou Gear Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.

Add.of Sale Dep.£º Bulding A2#,Xiangxiu City,
Kaiyuan Road,Xingsha,Changsha,Hunan,China.  
Tel: 86-0731-82393159
Fax: 86-0731-82393160
E-mail£º[email protected]
Mobile:13975307621(Mr .Wang)
Business Hours:8:00-12:00(AM) & 1:30-6:00(PM)

Add.of Sale Dep.£ºBulding A2#,Xiangxiu City, Kaiyuan Road,Xingsha,Changsha,Hunan,China. Post£º410100 
Tel: 86-731-82393159 Fax: 86-731-82393160
E-mail£º [email protected]
Mobile:18874119988 13975307621(Mr .Wang)
Website:www.zhuzhou-gear.com ÏæICP±¸09008348ºÅ